The two storey restaurant, that included several dining halls, a scene and a generous terrace with two exterior staircases, was the gathering place for the guests of the Eforie I Recreational Center. With its light structure and suple constructive elements, it is considered to be one of the first examples of honest contemporary architecture, devoid of the decorative exaggerations typical for socialist modernism. Designed by dr. arch. Cezar Lazarescu and arch. A. Grunberg in 1957, the venue used to host the most lavish parties, frequented by both locals and tourists. After 1990, it was privatized.

Current state:
The building is currently occupied by homeless people, in an advanced state of decay and precarious sanitary situation, while the current owner delays restoration. The walls inside are soiled, the plaster destroyed, and a great part of the exterior windows are broken. The the interior joinery, exterior stair railings and furniture in the restaurant have either been destroyed or stolen.

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